Stuff For Sale on Ebay

(These items change frequently, check often)

This stuff is for sale through Ebay only, don't contact me to sell it off ebay. If you want it bid on it, the "buy it now" prices are pretty much rock bottom. Some stuff is new, some stuff is used, read the listing...

IronHeadCycle's used/surplus eBay parts sales are handled by my smokin hot parts gal, Pegi. I'm too busy working on bikes to keep up with the stuff being added and sold, so I've given up even trying. If I have something for sale, it will be listed on ebay. We've been reorganizing, so, although there are only a couple of things right now, there will be more in the future.

Go to the eBay advanced search by seller function by clicking here...

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Enter seller's user ID which is "ironheadpeg".

If you buy anything, mention that you were refered through the "IronHeadCycle" web site and you will receive a certificate worth $50.00 off any work done by IronHeadCycle.